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Se7en Bites reopening in new spot mid-September

ORLANDO - Se7en Bites has closed its doors at its location at 207 N. Primrose Drive - but neither the bakeshop nor its old spot will stay closed for long.

August 29, 2016


Se7en Bites announces opening date of new location

According to a recent report by intrepid reporter Faiyaz Kara of Orlando Weekly, Se7en Bites (Facebook) is hoping to have their soft opening in the new space by Saturday, September 17.

To read Kara’s full report, click HERE.

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USA Today: 10 Best

This quaint working Milk District bakery is open for breakfast and lunch with a manageable, fresh-made menu that changes near daily and makes choosing easy. Okay, that's arguable, since how one chooses between homemade chicken pot pie and a decadent meatloaf sandwich is subjective. Easiest method? Bring a dining partner and share everything!


Se7en Bites Bakery plans to move into expanded space next year

In the category of "It's About Bloody Time," Se7en Bites Bakery will move into a much larger space up the road next year when they take over the old Sunshine School Fashions space next to Pho Hoa on North Primrose Drive. That means no more lines out the door or, possibly, longer lines out the door.


A Slice of Heaven at Se7en Bites

In my pursuit to discover the sweet spots of Orlando, I stumbled upon a neighborhood establishment located in the Milk District off of Primrose/Robinson Street at the former location of Spooky Black Cat Cafe.

Se7en Bites has been in business with some of the best restaurants in Orlando, delivering creative dessert mini-pies to locations such as Pom Pom’s and Blue Bird Bake Shop.