Sette, from Se7en Bites owners, to bring rustic Italian eats downtown

I couldn't help but do a mental Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita dance as Trina Gregory Propst and wife Va Propst were describing their new Italian concept to me. 

"Rustic Italian kitchen," they said. "Pastas made from scratch!" I kicked and whirled and clapped and laughed in my flowy black dress. 

Umm, yeah. Anyway, the dinner-only restaurant is to be called Sette (that's "seven" in Italian) and will serve (in addition to pastas made from scratch) a hodgepodge of comforting fare (think rustic stews and hearty risottos) as well as an expanded menu of desserts – "I'm, naturally, thinking of offering seven desserts," says Gregory-Propst. 

Seven! La dolce vita indeed. 

The pair are currently in negotiations on a space, but are focusing their search in the greater downtown area with an aim to open by April of next year. 

And if you're hoping for pizza, don't. But if you're hoping for cocktails, do. 

Look for a pop-up teaser dinner at Se7en Bites in the coming months, which should give the general public a fairly good idea of what to expect menu-wise. 

Until then, enjoy this Anita Ekberg dance. Ciao.

Article written by Faiyaz Kara