1.    I see there is a line out the door, what should I do?
Don’t panic! We have a formal line and seating system, along with a staff that keeps you moving and gets you seated quickly. Come on in!

2.    Do you take reservations?    
Sorry, we do not.

3.    Do you take call ahead seating?    
Apologies, but no.

4.    Can I grab a table and wait for my friends?
We do not allow this but have faith and patience, our team will help get you a spot and we also offer a great outdoor patio.

5.    I’m interested in catering options. Who can I contact?
Call us! Email and Facebook are great but we get so many that it may be quicker for you just to call.

6.    Do you have Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free Options?
We have options for Vegetarians and our salad/sandwiches, sans bread, are gluten free but prepped in the same space. We do not have any Vegan options at this time.

7.    Will servers sing Happy Birthday?
If you can catch them maybe, but doubtful. You’re too cool for that anyway.

8.   What’s the story behind the name Se7enbites?
Chef and owner, Trina Gregory-Propst had a long journey to owning a bakery and being healthy. In 2007,  she had a sleeve gastrectomy. After this procedure her intake per meal had become 7 bites. Thus, the name was born -Se7enbites. Her new food philosophy has been if 7 bites is all you get it better be the best damn 7 bites ever!

9.    I waited forever to come try your food and all I wanted was (insert item here) and you were out of it. Why is life so cruel?
We’re sorry to hear that a treat didn’t make it’s way to you. We do our best to always be stocked up but sometimes we run out of popular items or ingredient shortages creep up and prevent an offering.

10.  Can I smoke/vape on your property?
No, please don’t.

11.   I’m bringing my dog. Where can I put Fido?
Fido can hang with you on our patio but please remain with your dog at all times and make sure they have good manners.

12.  Oops. I broke something at Se7enbites by being careless or avoiding directions from the staff, now what?        
Accidents happen but we are a small business. We may have to charge your credit card for damage to our property, seating areas or equipment. The best way to avoid this is be courteous, alert, and listen to our staff when then instruct you not to do something. If you see something, say something! 

13. I saw you on TV. I have to have that Pot Pie and Moon Pie. When is the best time to get them?
Our signature recipes from the show were a huge hit! The Vanilla Bean Bourbon Bacon Moon Pie is available daily until the supply runs out. Our delectable Chicken Pot Pie is available Thursday and Friday, only. Pies come out at 11:30 and are sold until they’re gone. We recommend coming early!