Orlando Sentinel Culinary Hall of Fame: Trina Gregory-Propst

If Trina Gregory-Propst followed through with her plans to become a personal chef, Central Florida would have been without her Se7en Bites restaurant — and its Southern comfort food-centric breakfasts and lunches, and indulgent desserts.

Gregory-Propst and her wife, Va Propst, opened the eatery in Orlando’s Milk District in 2013. It has since moved to a larger spot in the same neighborhood with more tables and parking.

Gregory-Propst searched for a new passion after 20-plus years in the spa industry. Eventually she enrolled in Valencia College’s culinary program.

A basic baking class taken near her graduation date inspired Gregory-Propst to get her baking degree.

“It’s very black or white,“ Gregory-Propst said of baking. “It’s either right or wrong. It epitomizes me.”

Three degrees later, Gregory-Propst needed her own commercial kitchen to keep up with dessert orders from locals and restaurants — and so Se7en Bites was born.

In 2017, Se7en Bites was one of six Orlando-area restaurants featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” The Food Network show has changed their business with visitors coming from all over the country.

Still, locals and regulars are their bread and butter. Se7en Bites is a community place, Gregory-Propst said.

“I want to be a place where you meet your neighbor.”


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