For some chefs, the path to the perfect biscuit can be long and winding, but not for Trina Gregory-Propst. From an early age she’d spend her free time experimenting with recipes, while also happily whipping up the classic comfort food she was taught how to prepare by her grandmother

Throughout her early years, baking was her passionate hobby. She crafted legendary cakes & desserts for family and friends while working in the spa industry. Then, one day she knew it was time to change careers and follow her heart’s desire. She recalls: “My heart pounded with the dream of one day owning a sweet and savory bakeshop,” but she didn’t want to start her own company without a solid foundation. She went back to school, attending Valencia College, and earned 3 Bachelors degrees in: Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Management, and Restaurant Management.

Soon after graduating, she found a small building in the Milk District of Orlando, and she opened Se7en Bites in October 2013. Her main goal was merely to “put a smile in my customers bellies” with delicious brunch classics and unique sweets.

The day the restaurant opened, she wondered “will anyone come”? Well they did come. They came in droves for her biscuits, chicken potpie, always on point aqua frescas, savory bread puddings, and more. From that first day until now, people from all walks of life, and from across the country, have come to Se7en Bites to enjoy her hospitality, perfectly curated menus, and mountains of sweets.

Alongside her wife, VA, she opened a larger Se7en Bites in the fall of 2016. The same bustle, baked goods, warmth, and decadent treats are there.

When she’s not baking up a storm and greeting the family of customers she’s built from all over the country, Trina can be found spending time with her son, tending to her beloved rescue cats, and enjoying quiet brunches with her friends. She is an avid supporter in the LBGTQ community, mentor for local culinary students, and women’s empowerment advocate.